FORGE DEFENCE works with the likes of Denel, Armscor, USA defence organisations, and Humanitarian Peacekeeping Organisations such as the United Nations.

Many experts agree that South Africa is still at the forefront of innovations, having built one of the world’s best attack helicopters, and world class defensive weapons and technologies to fight terror and build lasting peace.


“It’s our vision of inclusivity, excellence and racial harmony that drives our company to excel in the field of top class defence equipment and military protection services”

One example is the Denel Rooivalk, an attack helicopter which was developed by the Atlas Aircraft Corporation, a predecessor of Denel Aviation, and manufactured by Denel.

The Rooivalk sports two staggered cockpits and two turbine engines, and the main and rotor blades can withstand hits from small arms fire.  It’s weapons platform can deliver a variety of hard-hitting projectiles against targets several kilometers away.